Meet Your Agents

meederinsurance_protection_ A bald man in a suit and tie with a friendly smile ready to meet your agents.

Jarrod Meeder

Principal Agent

I’ve always wanted to own a business. While thinking about buying an insurance agency, I realized I could help a lot of people. Then, after being in the business and helping to rebuild a home that was destroyed by a tornado, I saw first-hand what a difference I can make.

As an insurance professional, I love:
• sitting face-to-face with my clients,
• getting to know their lives and stories, &
• knowing that I’ve protected my clients.

Away from the office, I love playing golf with my family, clients, & friends. Also, I enjoy being a leader for BSA Troop 478.

At Meeder Insurance, our job is to help protect what is important to you

meederinsurance_protection_ A woman in a business suit smiling for the camera, representing your agents.

Marilyn Marnell

Associate Agent

When I am not working, I am spending time with my family, gardening, and reading.

meederinsurance_protection_ Meet a brown poodle in the snow.


Office Greeter

Canine, Good Citizen. I love to say hello to anyone who walks into the office! If you give me a belly rub or a treat I will be your best friend!